May 15, 2019

ZEUSSS is a self-powered microphone that is thin, flexible, and has the ability to sense vibration (sound signals) and wirelessly transmit the sound signal to computers by analog backscatter. ZEUSSS takes advantage of Triboelectric Nanogenerator(TENG) to transform vibration to energy and wirelessly transmit sensor data for ubiquitous computing applications such as low-cost sensing of audio and vibration on everyday objects and...

May 2, 2019

Cheating has always been a problem for academic institutions, but the internet has increased access to a form of academic dishonesty known as contract cheating, or "homework for hire." When students purchase work online and submit it as their own, it cannot be detected by commonly-used plagiarism detection tools, and this troubling form of cheating seems to be increasing.

We present an approach to addressing contract cheating:...

September 20, 2017

FingerPing is a novel sensing technique that can recognize various fine-grained hand poses by analyzing acoustic resonance features. A surface-transducer mounted on a thumb ring injects acoustic chirps (20Hz to 6,000Hz) to the body. Four receivers distributed on the wrist and thumb collect the chirps. Different hand poses of the hand create distinct paths for the acoustic chirps to travel, creating unique frequency responses at...

July 1, 2017

Small electronic devices are numerous and ubiquitous. In this era of IoT (Internet of Things), we will use this devices as sensors indoors or outdoors. They can be embedded in furniture, cloths, or even implantable devices; they can also be attached on trees or placed in corn elds. Any cable attached to the device limits the agility of it, so not in all possible scenarios will the devices be plugged with electric cable. In so...

February 16, 2017

The small size of wearable devices limits the efficiency and scope of possible user interactions, as inputs are typically constrained to two dimensions: the touchscreen surface. We present SoundTrak, an active acoustic sensing technique that enables a user to interact with wearable devices in the surrounding 3D space by continuously tracking the finger position with high resolution. The user wears a ring with an embedded miniatur...

November 18, 2016

We present an acoustics-based method that utilizes the human body as a communication channel to propagate information across different devices. Through a set of experiments with eight participants, we demonstrate that acoustic signals under 20kHz can be propagated within or between human bodies or even between the human body and the environment. We can detect the existence of touch contact by simply matching the frequency resp...

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  • [Best Poster Award]Surface++: A Scalable and Self-sustainable Wireless Sound Sensing Surface (ACM MobiSys 2019)                                                                Nivedita Arora, Qiuyue Xue, Dhruva Bansal, Peter McAughan, Ryan Bahr, Diego Osorio, Xiaomeng Ma, Alanson P. Sample, Thad E. Starner, Gregory D. Abowd

  • FingerPing: Recognizing fine-grained hand poses using active acoustic on-body sensing(ACM CHI 2018)                                                                                                  Cheng Zhang,Qiuyue Xue,Anandghan Waghmare,Ruicheng Meng,Sumeet Jain,Yizeng Han, Xinyu Li,Kenneth Cunefare,Thomas Ploetz,Thad Starner,Omer Inan,Gregory Abowd.


  • SoundTrak: Continuous 3D tracking of a finger using active acoustics(ACM IMWUT 2017)                                                                                                              Cheng Zhang,Qiuyue Xue,Anandghan Waghmare,Sumeet Jain,Yiming Pu, Jordan      Conant, Sinan Hersek,Kent Lyons,Kenneth Cunefare, Omer Inan, Gregory Abowd.





  • A thin and flexible self-powered vibration transducer employing triboelectric nanogeneration(Patent Pending)        

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