Smart Order Picking with Google Glass and RFID Wearables

Order-picking, or the process of finding and collecting items for distribution, is one of the most time consuming and costly processes for a warehouse. Common order-picking strategies tend to be either very slow or inaccurate. The purpose of this project was to design an order-picking solution that is both time efficient and accurate.

Our solution consists of a wireless RFID wristband to scan items, and a Google Glass headset to display a list of items for the user to pick. The RFID wristband and the Google Glass interact together simultaneously, and so when an item is scanned with the RFID wristband, the Google Glass display is updated accordingly. This Pick-by-RFID solution was then compared against another popular order-picking solution, Pick-by-Light, in a user study. With the results of the user study, it was determined that Pick-by-RFID offered a 1.5% average order picking speed increase over Pick-By-Light.

Order Picking Warehouse Setup:

Order Picking Setup

Picking items bin with RFID tag:

RFID tag on the bin

Google Glass Navigation Interface:

Google Glass Head Up Display

Team: Charu Thomas, Ryan Brooks, Qiuyue Xue, Brandon Gipson, Sarthak Srinivas, Sandeep Bethapudi.

Advisor: Thad Starner, Thomas Ploetz